Saturday, August 13, 2011


my favorite color!
So you want to die your hair an extreme color that not even Garnier or L'Oreal can't even offer. I got nothing much but a suggestion (so pleaaaase sit and pay attention!). Although extreme colors like pink, teal blue, and purple aren't on the permanent hair color offerings; they are on the mini semi-permanent section. But what brand should you get for that intense hair experience?....(I know this is going to sound a bit cheesy) but why not some SPLAT! I am sure some of you have seen it or heard of it. SPLAT is a brand of semi-permanent hair coloring that has used  "extreme" and "rebellious" as part of their motto (although, their website doesn't state since when). I have used their "Blue Envy and have gotten good results. After a month or so, I still am rockin' that "Blue Envy" as you can see. PLUS: they are certified to not test their products on animals (what a savior!). Don't knock it until you try it.

me with my blue hair two nights ago

that was all folks,
Miss Bobo


TiasaurausRex said...

OOOOO I LOVE IT! I really want to dye my hair reallly dramatically next year! This was helpful :]

Follow for follow???

iZaynab said...

Same here, totally love it ~ ! !
I've seen this in a few a magazines and was wondering to try it out.
Thanks for the share and lovely outfit.

Miss Bobo said...

*.* @Rex go for it but be careful with the bleach @iZaynab thank you so much, be careful with the bleach once you do try it

Crystal Valentine-Burhans said...

I just purchased the Splat Blue Envy. I really don't want to use the bleach because I don't want an extreme blue color -- I just want a darker (like Navy Blue) color. Something that is slightly noticeable indoors (looks more blueish than black) but looks more blue in the sunlight. This is kind of my last try.

I was wondering if you or anyone you know used this without bleaching first and what their results were. I have medium to dark brown hair.

I've tried to dye my hair blue myself (only parts of my hair - like the underside so it stays my natural color on top because I help at my son's school and need to look "normal"). I've used a few demi and semi blue colors I purchased at Sally Beauty Supply, when that didn't work (they just turned my hair black), I went to a salon and they too couldn't get it right (the lady went from saying my hair would be blue to washing it out and saying "yay, it's black-blue", um... not what I wanted!)

I was going to test out a strand tonight without the bleach but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks! :)