Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kirsten Vangsness To the Rescue..Yet Again

It's surprising to find out that out of all my blogposts, the most popular one is the one I did on Kirsten Vangsness, one of the main actors on Criminal Minds. (Thank you everyone for reading and continuing to follow my blog!!). And surprisingly a lot of the searches done on that blogpost is "Kirsten Vangsness hot." (YES THICK GIRLS UNITE!).
To this day I still think she is super Rockin' and out of this world. And what is even great is that she is gay! YES PEOPLE SHE IS GAY AND PROUD OF IT! Reading an interview ET did with Vangsness, turns out she has come out of the closet, engaged, and not afraid to play the straight character on Criminal Minds. What a role model right?!
Vangsness playing out her role with her "boyfriend"

With a large fan base gained throughout the original show, she is making things happen with the spin off, Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior while also being in the original Criminal Minds. Gotta love her for being that dedicated, right?
Can't wait for the wedding photos after it happens because so far there aren't any from what I can look. Thanks Kirsten Vangsness for being the supreme actress and not caring to dress like you're "in space." SHINE ON!

Check out the interview:

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