Friday, June 17, 2011

Not Poor Jake, Poor Us..(a rant)

Currently, I have been reading Glamour, not for the style they bring but for the advice editorials written by Jake. Personally, wouldn't date him, but the guy has his chops. So I looked on Glamour's website and found the article to see who said what in the comment box. Turns out there was a lot of negative feedback and one of the comments actually struck me as a bit exaggerated:

"You rock rewolf! :D I am also sick of advice columnists,blogs and magazines telling us girls, that if we don't like our guys porn we should just tell him to keep it to himself and not watch it around us. Ummm hello?! We have every right to tell him to stop watching it period! He doesn't like it, the door is right there. Why does the media want us to be wallflowers and just accept men's behaviour?Why is it that they want us to believe our say in a relationship doesn't matter?"

Not going to divulge who wrote it because its not about the person, its about the words. I don't know how exactly to react. At first, I am all for feminism when it comes to women having equal balance in a romantic relationship with any person. But I also think that if a guy has to hide his sexuality from his girlfriend then he is not being honest with her and he needs to evaluate why exactly he is with her. I am not saying a girl should swallow her pride and let her boyfriend just do whatever he wants but when it comes to choices everyone makes them. And both have to communicate with each other what exactly they want in the relationship. Its a commitment, an agreement between two people to care for each other and express all that romantic stuff. If its not then its a fling. So in reality, when sex comes into the picture both need to communicate who wants what and what both can do. As for feminism, I hope girls don't get the wrong picture that its a way to say "to hell with guys" because the basis is equality not a flop of balance. That's my deal for the day. 

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