Friday, June 10, 2011

Rockin' Website for Music Lovers

Two summers ago my mom got me a guitar along with an amp  for my birthday. I loved the guitar so much that I even name it Emma.  It was one of the best summers I ever had. But like many things, I never really picked it up for more than an hour. So, I decided this summer, along with other things, I will do my best to get into playing it.
Learning how to play a guitar is not easy. I have gone through podcasts and even videos on how to play but never really understood it. One day, I bought a chord sheet book in which it showed diagrams on how to hold the guitar and all those fancy details. It helped me get to understand chords but didn't give me a song I would like to play.
With the internet available at school, I looked up chord sheets for my favorite songs and stumbled upon a website called
Me with my guitar Emma
Formed in the 1990's, it has become a source for people to learn their favorite songs and even post tabs for people to use. There are forums, interviews, lessons, and even contests. Its as if it were an online magazine for music lovers. Although, it may seem as if its only for guitars there is an occasional random drum tab. I DEFINITELY recommend this website for anybody who is interested in learning how to teach themselves guitar or just rock out their favorite song.

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