Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Reason to Go See X-Men (small spoiler)

Two weeks ago I had a great time not only hanging out with a few friends but finally watching the anticipated X-Men First Class. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews from other people I know who have watched it but I figured its time to be my own judge of it.And guess what: I #@% LOOOVED IT! Of course, the film won't be exactly as the comic books in certain areas, but I definitely had an eye opener to the comic book characters, especially Mystique, Professor X, and Magneto. If I had the money, I would absolutely-positively watch it again. I loved the scene in which Mystique's character is introduced. Extremely adorable in my opinion. (AND YES MYSTIQUE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!... but shhhh don't tell anyone.)...Anyways, I am excitingly satisfied with this movie because despite the short viewing of it, you see how the characters develop and even show a human side to them. I was actually surprised in seeing the development of Magneto and Professor X because of what I've seen in the cartoon series and hearing about them. For some of my friends who are fans of the comic book series, it wasn't much of a surprise but they did appreciate how it was shown. If you like superheroes and you love some kick ass mutant action: WATCH IT!!!
oh and P.S. MYSTIQUE ROCKS MY SOCKS...and again don't tell anyone ;D

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