Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flick Those Lights on!

ok I know what a weird title but i have realized that lately most of my friends have a fascination of lighters and fire related. They have some handy plastic lighter in their pockets for when having their random flicking-lighter-under-your-finger. Guy or girl, it doesn't matter, they are pyromaniacs. I prefer old school but ehh... At AYP (I just mention them so much^^) they sell the old school 50's style metal lighters for close to 10 dollars with designs on them. Whether it's Che Guevera, Betty Page, or just a cherry, these lighters have a design and you can pop them open. Not only are these cool, but as I said before, they are old school, especially in its zippo* style. They are "windproof" and they are able to stay lit in other harsh weathers. So in the end, they are worth it. If you are a pyromaniac and/or dig the whole vintage lighters check them out at

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