Saturday, August 14, 2010

SURPRISE! It's an extra extra extra!

I was going to plan to publish this surprise in two weeks but since I promised interviewing some bands. I got a surprise band interview just for you. This weekend's interview is with Ideal Zero, an alternative rock group from Orlando, Florida who according to their info on their sites, started out in April of this year and are currently working on getting their demo out. Here they are and hope you enjoy this interview:

1.  Let's get down to business and tell us what was the reason to get together and make a band?
Well, we’ve all been in music projects and bands previous to coming together. We wanted to bring all our different backgrounds and styles together to form a group that is unique as well as expressive of our similar views on philosophy. One of our primary goals upon forming was to write songs that are not only powerful musically, but also in our messages about independence and individuality.

2.  How many concerts have you performed?
Only 2 thus far! We have only been together for 4 months now, and we are slowly starting to get out there. We were really nervous at first, but we love it!

3. Vampire or Werewolf? (each band member could have a different answer)
Come on now…our lead singer is from Romania! Has to be vampire.

4. What is your main goal for 2011, professionally and personal (if i may ask)?
By 2011 we hope to be well-established and have our name known. So many bands work at it for several years before establishing themselves even in the local scene. We want to work as hard as it takes to speed up the process and get the ball rolling!

5. What helps you out in writing songs and tuning up the sound?
One thing we’ve all noticed is that you just can’t force music writing. Inspiration has to hit you. Our best songs have been written when we were just sitting around and not being too serious about it. Also, expressing our personal views about life and incorporating our own life experiences always leads to an original and genuine song writing experience.

6. Ever had writer's block or musician block (lol if that is even a term)? What do you do?
Of course! Again, when this happens you can’t force it. If it isn’t happening, anything you try to force won’t be very good. The magic of music is that which comes from the soul and the heart. Often times, it just isn’t coming out right and you need to sit back and relax. At least that’s how it is for some of us. Clint (our keyboard player) works differently…if he gets stuck he will stick to it for hours or even days until he gets the results he wants. Not everything about music is emotion, there is a lot of technicality that has to be worked upon in order to be perfected- again, that’s where Clint comes in.

7. If your band was a superhero what would be the name?
Not sure about this one…don’t ask us to come up with names for anything! We start thinking about something that sounds cool but also has a significant meaning and then we come up with so many things and get off track. It took us months to come up with Ideal Zero.

8. Top Five favorite bands that you all agree on?
It would be hard to get us ALL to agree. We all have extremely different tastes. Our favorite local band would have to be Traverser.
After that our individual favorites range from Jimmy Buffett to Megadeath to Type O Negative, and let us not leave out the best band of all time…The Beatles!

9.  Do you have a motto?
”The individual is greater than the collective.”

10.  And if you guys had three wishes what would it be?
Make it big! Make a living off doing our music, and tour the world!
 if you like those deep melodic but filled with some wicked rock sounds, Ideal Zero is just the right find.
 Check band members  Irina Nicula (vocals), Clint Waddell (keyboards), Tim Smith (guitar). Richard Caballero (Bass), and Adam Panzella (Drums), out on myspace, facebook, or on their website:

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