Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Poupee?

I know you have noticed that small banner at the bottom corner of this blog. Yes, I surrender I joined one of those dress-dolls website. And yes it is for girls. There I said it. I really am not ashamed of it. In fact, I have found more people who dress different on this site than on myspace and facebook. So you want to know what it is? Well.. poupee girl is a japanese website where girls can actually dress up a doll but also post pictures of their actual clothes. Every members earns a currency of "ribbons" and can buy"jewels." You earn ribbons by posting pics of clothes,commenting on other people's clothes,and selling your doll's clothes. Jewels is the part where the people who own this website get their money since you have to buy them. However, what is interesting about this website is that you can actually link your blog or website to your "poupee home." Which helps your blog or website, because anybody who clicks the link can see it right away. So far, I have to admit it is a bit addictive but I like it because I find different people everyday from different places including and especially Japan. This website according to wikipedia has more than 500,000 members. (Which is just crazy).


Kelly said...

I've seen tons of other bloggers at the moment have Poupee's on their page- I should join, they're adorable!!

Miss Bobo said...

LOL. I know, though when you visit certain pages of the website it's in a japanese set-up so it gets a bit hard to nagivate certain pages of it if you don't know what it says