Friday, August 27, 2010

Marilyn Manson Without Make-up

Yes, it is a video of Marilyn Manson without make-up. I found this and I was surprised. He looked quite (handsome in my opinion) when he was a teenager and earlier in his career (pre-makeup status). It really surprised me since he has had many years wearing make-up. In reality that isn't even his real name. His real name is Brian Hugh Warner and he comes from a strict background (kinda explains his outrageous behavior). What is even crazy was he originally studied journalism when he went to college. Who would have thought that this controversial figure was going to study journalism in college. That just blows my mind. Oh and it gets better. You know how Marilyn and Trent Reznor are best buds? Well Trent actually produced and co-produced a couple of Marilyn's albums. Meanwhile Marilyn dated Jessicka from Jack off Jill and helped with their albums. Though, what really caught me off balance was reading that he actually contributed in one of DMX's albums. (Wow now that was off the ballpark). Anyways, enjoy the slideshow


JodieeHeartzYou said...

Hehe, he was quite handsome without makeup. I don't really know MM, but I've heard of him. Isn't he that crazy dude who always wears makeup? Lol. I saw him once on this woman's sweater. I was like: Holy smokes. What is UP with that dude?
PS: Wow... he was kind of cute as a teen. With his braces and everything. xD

Miss Bobo said...

I know!!!! LOL. He is that "crazy dude" for the mere fact that he is kinda like that social rebel. He does outrageous stuff like feeling up people on stage, having almost naked girls in videos(which compared to most rappers isn't that and making his tongue look exactly like the one on a snake.

Catharina ♥ said...

He's hot without makeup. But I guess he just puts it on to look more freaky and less normal. ;)
I love his music and his style rocks.

Miss Bobo said...

Yes. I think somewhat of the reason he does that is because he wants to take attention to himself. Publicity basically.